Best Massage Chairs Reviews of 2023 in the Market

Sometimes, a good hands-on massage is everything you need to relieve your stress and get relaxed in between hectic routines. You can go to any massage center for that, but getting one in the privacy of the home is the better option because of time efficiency and convenience. Opting for a massage chair is a very beneficial decision for you according to the recommendation of American Pain Society and American College of Physicians.

Let us discuss some of the benefits you can have with massage chair and after that, we’ll provide massage chair reviews for you to pick your favorite one.

Benefits of Massage Chair

  • You do not have to make appointments with massage therapists as the chairs can do the same techniques for the strained and sore muscles.
  • Massage chairs use the strokes to relieve the pain and relax the muscles that help the body to increase its mobility.
  • They act on certain muscles in order to correct the imbalances in the system.
  • They ease the sore muscles and do not let you put extra pressure on the healthy side of the body if you’re having a sore hip.
  • They support the back horizontally and align the spine, thus reducing the pressure on the spinal nerves.
  • They also lengthen the spine to make sure that the vertebrae do not misaligned and compress the nerves.
  • In order to promote muscle healing, the massage chains maximize the circulation.
  • Not only this, they also help in removing the unwanted toxins in your body.
  • They do not let the muscles restrict the blood flow, which can happen if the muscles are tense.
  • They leave a positive effect on your well-being as the body is completely relaxed and without any tension.
  • Massage chairs increase the biological impact on your health by relieving you from stress.
  • They solve the issues of poor appetite, sleep problems, and high blood pressure.
  • They even help in reducing the cloistral levels of your body.
  • These chairs stimulate the neurotransmitters release, which effectively reduces the perception of pain or stress.

8 Best Massage Chairs of 2023 – Reviews




LM 6800

RELAXONCHAIR MK-IIElectric ShiatsuIdeal massage
Massage Modes Kneading, Full Compression with AirbagsKneading, Tapping, ComboReducing Fatigue, Compression, tsubo pointsShiatsu, Spinal, Rolling, Vibration
Body Scan YesYesYesYes
Heat Massage YesYesYesYes
Zero Gravity YesYesYesYes
Back Massage Yes, L-Track RobotYes, L-Track RobotYesYes
Total Price
Chairs ModalOS4000Titan Ti-7700RIT 8500X


Zyllion ZMA14
Massage ModesRelax, Therapy, Smart, CirculationTapping, Palm,Kneading, Punching, Shiatsu, Combo3D Massage, Tapping, Shiatsu, KneadingShiatsu, Heating, Plush Leatherette, Silky Mesh
Body ScanYesYesYesYes
Heat MassageLower BackLow Lumbar HeatYesYes
Zero GravityYesYesYesYes
Back MassageYesYesComplete Roller Back, Butt, ThighsYes

Now that you’ve understood the importance of massage chairs for your proper health and relaxed mind, take a brief look for the best massage chair of your choice. We’ve chosen the best for you.

1.   Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 with yoga & heating therapy (Brown)

This is the most popular and high-end massage chair that offers excellent experience with its latest technology. The appearance is not very fancy but offers a lot when it comes to technology. Along with that, there are numerous massage options provided that are only available in a high-end parlor. The first relaxation it offers is the elevation with which you raise your legs by tilting your body back, so that when the legs are above the heart level, they help in better blood circulation. Moreover, the chair offers varying speed levels, thus giving you the facility of your choice on fast/slow motion you want to go and not only this, the different air pressures are provided as well. Another important thing to mention while talking about this massage chair for sale is the comfort level it provides as to make sure that the refreshment is of high spirit. As the matter of fact that this chair has the zero gravity technology and 3 different levels of it, this can be assured that it offers ultimate relaxation and comfort. It is FDA approved and registered as a medical device.

Here are some of the most prominent features and technologies of Kahuna LM-6800 massage chair.

L-Track 4 Roller System:

This type of technology is designed in the shape of roller trail in order to provide support from your neck to back and buttocks. This L-track frame structure is provided with 4 rollers that help in decompressing the spine while increasing the effects of massage.

Air Cell Massage Technology:

This massage system covers a maximum surface area with the help of minimal amount of air cells. It helps in increasing the quality of massage on your shoulders, arms, waist, and hips. It also enables the chair to massage quietly. The Air cells inflate separately, thus allowing the body to twist and deep stretch.

Computer Body Scan:

In order to provide you the custom body massage experience, this massage chair for sale automatically scans the body size of the person who has to take the massage.

Auto Massage Programs:

The auto programs that it offers are SH-Chiro and Yoga stretching, both of them are Kahuna signature programs. Also, there are targeted and proportion area massages that include important parts of the body that are used most of the time and need relaxation.

Manual Massage Techniques:

For manual massages, there are 5 techniques and all of them are very beneficial for your health so to keep you active after the well-massaged day off. These techniques are kneading, tapping, the combination of kneading & tapping, rolling and Shiatsu.

Space Saving Technology:

This chair can fit anywhere in your house as it only needs 3 inches from the wall. You can align it with your other furniture as it looks great and doesn’t take much space. This is also the reason for which it can be considered as the best massage chair as it slides while reclining, thus not requiring the bunk of space in the back.

Zero Gravity Position:

This position is most effective if somebody really wants to enjoy the massage. In this position, the chair helps the user spread the weight across the chair, so to release the stress of the body and offer a most intense ultimate experience, making one feel virtually weightless. When it reclines fully and causes the legs to be higher than the heart level, the therapeutic effects become increasingly and incredibly effective.


This massage chair has the ergonomic structural design that is supported with high technology to provide you the completely efficient massage experience in your home. This chair is strongly recommended and is quite well-known among the buyers. The price is somewhat high, but it is worth the investment as this chair is all in one technology and a lifetime comfort providing partner. The product also offers the 3 years warranty and this includes all parts of the chair. Moreover, the manufacturers offer repair of all structural framework for free.

2. RELAXONCHAIR MK-II Plus [Redesigned] Full Massage Chair with Built Heating and Air Massage System (Chocolate)

Designed with innovative technology, this massage chair for sale comes with exceptional quality and affordability. Considering the benefits that you’ll get from this cheap massage chair, it is better than some of the top tier chairs that are twice the price of this.

Here are some of the most prominent features of this chair.

Butt lock L-Track Massage System:

This innovation is specifically designed for people having lower back agony or sore/tight muscles. It features dual rollers that conform to the natural shape of the spine, providing the full body massage with rollers gliding from the upper back towards the gluteus muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage:

This one is designed to be like a human-like massage that is applied all over the body. It provides a special stretching function, which is called “spinal decompression” program.


In our massage chair reviews, this is one of the few ones that offer inexpensive chairs with excellent quality and added comfort. The components are carefully selected and then tested while keeping the user friendliness in mind. Additionally, there are easy to install and maintain, no tools required. This chair is best for you if you don’t want to spend a fortune for better quality.

Automatic Programs:

There are 4 automatic programs that work like pro massage therapists, while chair moves you to a calculated routine. The air cells pin your body with legs and back muscles are stretched out.

Manual & Targeted Programs:

The manual massages are same in almost all chairs, which are kneading, tapping, Shiatsu, rolling and kneading+tapping.

Computerized Body Scan:

To provide the personalized massage, the spine’s length of the user is automatically detected and this results in allowing the chair to pinpoint the places to massage in a more precise way so that you have a brilliant therapeutic experience. There is a special decompression feature that is activated by pressing the button on the control panel. Your spine scan is done by this feature via L-tracking system. You do not need to shift from time to time for it to massage at the right spots.

Fully Size Remote Controller:

This remote has an aesthetic appeal and is a stylish design. It is one hand accessible and has a large screen that conveniently shows the contents and functions of the screen.

Computerized Control Panel:

This control panel sits on the left side stand of the armrest. The design looks very technical, but is easy to use. The writing is big enough for you to get even without the glasses. This control panel features programs, techniques and intensities, which let you decide that how fast or strong you want it to be.

Zero Gravity:

The chair is specifically designed to achieve the 3 true zero gravity positions for your body weight to be supported evenly. These positions optimize the blood circulation in your system along with taking the pressure off the body. The zero gravity actually works by elevating your feet parallel to the level of heart, so that the strain on your gravity is minimized and back pain is relieved.

Air Massage Technology:

This tech features the customized airbags that are designed to inflate and deflate independently in order to ease the muscle stress and apply the acupressure to specified parts of the body. They are strategically placed in the chair and have 3 levels of intensity control. Moreover, dual foot rollers are also placed under the soles in order to enhance the reflexology.

Lumber Back Heating:

This system has two heating pads that are placed in the lumber area to relieve the fatigue that may be caused due to poor posture and lifting heavy objects. The aching muscles are also relieved from this.


This is the multi-function massage chair that is thoughtfully designed to provide you with complete comfort at affordable rates. It offers a large seating place but occupies a little area, which makes it suitable for limited spaces. It has limited warranty of three years from the original date of purchase. Overall, it is a beneficial investment for people on a budget.

3. Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Stretched Foot Rest 06

This is a real leather chair that you can sit on for massage when watching TV or reading something. It is very popular as this product has been given the high recommendation in the massage chair reviews provided by the users.  Not only does it relax the body and minimize the fatigue, but rejuvenate the mind as well.

Here are some of the mention-able features of this Shiatsu massage chair.

Pain Relief Design:

This chair is designed to be used daily for relieving the routine pain along with enhancing the muscles flexibility by releasing their tension. This is helping for people having chronic issues with lower back and pain. Moreover, the leg aches can also be relieved from massage. This chair is for you if you want to enjoy massage everyday conveniently in your home.

More than 30 airbags:

It has more than 30 airbags to provide the best massage experience as they are incorporated in heat intelligent roller system. 20 of these bags are placed on the lower portion so that the efficient and effective massage can be applied to calves, thighs, and legs.

Power Rollers System:

The power rollers are provided in the confines of the chair to relax the muscle stress. They are heat intelligent, which means that they soothe your back with the comforting heat along with efficiently working so to refresh and loosen your body from the everyday stress. These rollers are finger like and apply ultra-long range massages.

Full Body Massage:

It practices both percussion and compression in order to provide full body massage with complete relaxation and added comfort. From this chair, your overall posture and flexibility are really improved.

Full Reclines:

This massage chair for sale fully reclines and covers all areas of your body. Along with massaging your body from neck to feet, it also offers a special neck massage that targets the pressure areas which are stress reliving and are called “tsubo points”.

Heavy Chair:

Despite being heavy, this chair isn’t stiff as is made of real leather that is soft and required less assembling as well. The only thing you have to do is to align the air bags on the arm rest, which is done quite easily. Also, the control pad has to be screwed onto the arm rest.

Heat System:

The heating system that it provides warms the muscles when the rollers massage the whole body. This makes it a massage chair on which you can simply relax along with picking up the remote to watch a TV show or read any of your favorite books.

Unique Warranty Policy:

The chair comes with a year long warranty on both labor and parts. However, the users do not have to bother about sending back the chair; instead, they only send the defective part to the manufacturing company for repair. Once the repair has been carried out, the item is sent back to them.

Massage Coverage:

There is a variety of massages provided by this chair for you to find the right type. They include recovery program, extend the program, relax program and refresh program. They have certain intensity levels that you can adjust according to your relaxation requirements. You can control the features with the help of control panel and choose whether you want to go for a gentle massage or an intense one. The effective massage is applied with the high powered vibration motor and air pressure.


This is a cheap massage chair recliner and features options that you may expect in a costly model. An instructional video is provided with the chair to teach you the operating and assembling of controls. This chair provides a full featured massage of your entire body while targeting the places that need pain alleviation after being overused or overworked. This eventually puts your mind in a more relaxed state. As a bottom line, we’d say that it is a really economical choice available for you to choose if you are a hard working person and do not manage to get some free time to go to massage parlors. It will save both your time and money.

4. Ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair with Built in Heat Zero Gravity Positioning Deep Tissue Massage – Brown

It is a programmable chair that offers you 5-30 minutes massage that can be interrupted without having to adjust the remote control system. It has a unique and trendy design that can easily fit in your room and match with any décor. If you are looking for the optimal massage experience, then this is the one for you.

Here are some of the features of this Shiatsu chair that you should know about.

3D Scan:

This chair has an intelligent 3D detection mechanism that works by scanning the exact size of your body so that it can properly massage your whole body and hit the stress spots correctly.

Massage Coverage:

You can have total of 14 types of massages from the system. There are 4 massage functions and each function has three level speed options. Moreover, you get to have complete control over your massage by adjusting its type, strength, speed, vibrators and most importantly, the airbags modes. You can also go for the different combined massaging methods too.

Automatic Programs:

They are 4 full multifunctional automatic massages namely the activate mode, relaxation mode, upper back mode and lower back mode. The activate mode is for people in need of strong and deep tissue massage. The relaxation mode is a subtle one that you may require to wind yourself down. The last two modes, upper and lower back, are well suited if the specific areas of your back are stressed out and need some massaging.

Manual Programs:

With these modes, you can easily take control by adjusting the rollers to the positions of your choice. Adjust it at any point from your neck to back.

Heat Therapy:

In case you have a stiff back, you need to better opt for the heat therapy installed in this best massage chair so to get rid of your stressful muscles and warm up your body along with comforting the mind.


These airbags are therapeutic and are provided with the arms, feet, calves and shoulder area. With this chair, they come up with 2 intensity levels that produce variety in the massage functions.

Kneading Balls:

It supports 6 stimulating kneading balls in order to offer deep massage to the tired tissues of feet as they are installed in the soles. They add the deeper massages on the pressure points and tired areas of feet. They are specifically designed for discarding the foot stresses.

Zero Gravity:

This amazing massage chair for sale offers 3 true zero gravity positing for your optimal massage. For this, you only have to touch the button. This technology brings the body in comfortable position.

Perfect Ergonomics:

This massage chair is deemed as an effective artifact ergonomically. It means that it carries out good interaction with you as all of its tools are in accordance with the standards. It is user friendly.


So all in all, this is not a bad investment at all. If you are looking for key to your relaxed body and peaceful mind, then choose this. It lets you freshen up after hectic days.

5. Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity the Heated Reclining Massage Chair Upholstery: Brown/Black

This one is also included in the lists of affordable products in our massage chair reviews that give you nice round of features in low price. It offers a decent massage with zero gravity and customization settings.

Here are some of the most prominent features of OS-4000.

S-Track Massage Roller:

It comes with a 42” L shaped roller track, which allows the massage to start at your neck as its special focus on is on the neck and lumber massage according to the curve of your body. From neck, it extends down your back and then underneath your tights. The dual rollers are designed to give you the feel of the human thumbs, which definitely enhances your body experience.

Air Compression Massage:

It utilizes a good number of airbags that work in conjunction with the rollers to offer complete therapy. These air-bags cradle the body like a glove to pamper you for increased effectiveness. Furthermore, there are integrated multi layered air cells that having the constant function of independently inflating and deflating so they can provide the soothing compression massage with your chosen intensity options.

Zero Gravity Position:

This massage chair for sale is a full recliner, meaning that you only have to hit the button to recline it in the Zero Gravity position. Your legs will rise and the compression along your spine will be reduced.

Adjustable Shoulder Massage:

This feature is for the users having broad shoulders that feel congested and cramped in usual massage chairs. Osaki offers a 3 step adjustable shoulder massage specified for the comfort of people with broad shoulders. It is innovative technology and designed for the relaxation of everyone.

Body Scan Technology:

The massage chair scans your body when you take a seat to offer the personalized massage experiences. In order to provide you the tailored massage, it finds the exact target spots and acupressure points to focus on.

Space Saving Technology:

OS-4000 only takes 4” of space to the wall, which means it can easily fit in with your furniture in even the small rooms, like offices etc. This space saving tech works by letting the chair to slide forward, this is why it doesn’t need much space on the back of the chair.

Lumbar Heat:

It also provides you the facility of adding heat to your lower back area, which is both relaxing and therapeutic. All you have to do is to hit the button and the vertebrae plus muscles with start loosening up. Additionally, you have to have a deep tissue massage to feel really good.

Automatic Programs:

There are 6 automatic programs having therapeutic benefits and are designed to bring complete mind and body rest. Deep tissue massage is a hard type that works on your muscles. Relax mode is for relieving the stress and strain from your body. Full air compression massage uses the airbags to promote blood flow while massaging. Energy stretch invigorates and rejuvenates you all while providing the flexibility to your joints. Manual air works by switching between on and off option of specified airbags to massage the muscles that are the tightest and sore. The last one is dual action swing, which is a full body massage with chair swings to bring the perfect relaxation.

Manual Programs:

When turned into the manual mode, there are multiple options, such as kneading, Shiatsu, tapping and the rolling massage. You can even opt for the combination of these.

Two Controllers:

In order for you to conveniently browse and choose different options of massage, a large remote is featured with the chair. It is the basic resource of controlling your chair and comes with the wireless controller as well. You can control the main functions of this controller and can do this effectively even being in reclining position.

Vibration Feature:

If you want to enjoy the soothe vibration while having massage, then turn this option on that adds to your relaxation and refreshment.

Ottoman Length Adjustment:

This chair’s ottoman is manual and can push in or out to provide its services for the taller users too and with the help of body scan, the airbags target the correct positions as well.


After learning the features, you probably have understood that this massage chair for sale offers really effective massages. It is a good option for the budget conscious buyers looking for the enjoyable and customizable massages having several setting and different levels of heat and intensity.

6. Titan Ti-7700R Electric Full Body Massage Chair, Computer Body Scan, Outer Shoulder Massage, Hip & Seat Vibration, L-track roller system (Cream)

One of the most popular chairs from the Titan brand, Ti-7700 has the advanced compatible technology with zero gravity positioning, multiple massage settings, full body massage, and more. You can count on this chair for some good quality relaxation after a busy day at work.

Here are some of the features of this best massage chair.

Complete Package:

This model is a combination of high standard machinery, multiple features, good cost and the best massages possible that can be tailored as well. It is an attractive piece of furniture and can fit in small areas. Moreover, this product is beneficial in all conditions, whether you only need to be relaxed or have medical issues, this can provide you effective services through the length of the day. It means that you can use it as physical therapy treatment too.

Zero Gravity:

It has integrated gravity feature, which provides body rejuvenation and excellent comfort during the massage. Being a recliner, it offers various benefits including reduction of muscle stress, increase blood flow, back pain relief and enlargement of the capacity of lungs.

Massage Types:

There are 6 varying types of massages that this Titan chair offers. They include Shiatsu, kneading, tapping, the combination of tapping and kneading, palm and punching. Other than these, there are some programs too, which are Comfort, Healthcare, Stretch, Relax and Air. Moreover, there are 5 range settings and levels of intensity that you can easily adjust to suit your preference.

Relaxation For Different Body Areas:

It offers long massages to different body areas including outer shoulders, arms, feet, calves, hips and hips. The outer shoulder massage works with the help of air bags attached to the outer edges. They offer the kneading and squeezing style massage. For the arm massage, the armrests have airbags that are positioned to offer pressure in the arms. This also mimics the hands squeezing action. In feet and calves region, total 16 bags are located with the unique placement at the vital points. Just like before mentioned massages, they also provides the squeezing effect. You can use the remote control to change the settings as well. The hip and seat vibration massage is for creating the soothing effect on your lower back area.

Lumbar Heat:

The heating feature is also provided as the chair has 2 lumber heaters that are positioned for causing the heat effect on the lower lumbar area.

Remote Control:

It includes a compact remote control that lets you conveniently adjust the settings. Despite being compact, it features a good sized LCD screen for you to have easier interface to navigate and use. Moreover, the controls are also clear and simple to understand.

Final Words

All the features that have been mentioned here make this product one of the best chairs in the market. It has reasonable price and can prove to be a really worthy investment with its brilliant quality and functional practicality. According to the massage chair reviews for this product, it offers great relief for the still muscles and is suitable to accommodate all members of the family, regardless of their pain level. This makes it a powerhouse of a product, so it is well recommended.

7. Zyllion ZMA14 Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager Cushion with Soothing Heat Function And 3 Massage Styles Rolling, Spot, and Kneading (Black) One Year Warranty

If you are looking forward to a Shiatsu massage on some quality product, then the right option for you is Zyllion ZMA – 14. It may not be the cheapest cushion but has received the best reviews from the users. It brings all the perks of a professional massage therapy in your home and allows you to find the relief you’ve been looking for.

Here are some of the important features of this massage cushion.

Offers All Intensities:

Though advertised as a massage cushion, this is not only for the soft massage but is equipped with different heads. This makes it efficiently provide the deep tissue work as well. Moreover, it is also beneficial for people struggling with medical issues, like chronic neck pain or back pain. If you have this electric massager at home, you customize your experience according to your specific desires.

Customizable Massage:

You can adjust the roller positions to the target spots and pressure areas along with letting the nodes to travel up and down your back. You can choose between the rolling massage motion and the nodes rotating in the Shiatsu style motions.

Rolling Back Massage:

As they are customizable, this feature allows the nodes to move up and down non-stop in a rolling manner. You can free to choose the upper, lower or full portion of the back for complete and relaxing massage. Furthermore, you can adjust the width as well so to keep the right spot under the target.

Adjustable Massage Nodes:

This is the unique feature that this massage node offers. They are adjustable and customizable, which means their rotational direction can be changed to the exact sports. Moreover, the wider range of Shiatsu has also been provided for the neck pain relief. As the matter of fact that it is built right into the cushion, these nodes are beneficial for everyone, regardless of the height.

Ultimate Comfort:

As this is the cushion, you can position it in any chair to make it the best massage chair of the house. You can use it in all sitting furniture – recliners, sofas, office chairs and even the dining seats – it features an elastic strap that is secured to your chair.

Soothing Heating Function:

In order to add more muscle soothing intensity, you get to have the heating function that activates by pressing the “HEAT” button. It melts your stress away by relaxing you along with enhancing the blood circulation. When the aching muscles are comforted effortlessly, they gain the strength to work with even excellence. It is included in the therapeutic activities of this cushion.

4 Stages of Shiatsu:

In addition to other unique features, it has a four stage function of Shiatsu massage that works its magic in the hard to reach areas of the body. It has a surprising number of options that are only available in the massage chairs; they include the rolling action, the deep kneading action, and the soothing vibration techniques etc.

Fully Adjustable:

This cushion is designed in a way that they’re adjustable to any form or shape. It is can correctly adjust in both height and weight, which means that physical make-ups do not matter while using this cushion.

Vibration Options:

It is not a big deal that this cushion has vibration options, however, it is mention worthy that it offers three levels of vibration. It is totally your decision that whether you want to have the gentle treatment or the vigorous and fast paced massage; opt for whatever you feel like.

Auto Shut-off:

As it offers such comfortable environment, there is a tendency for you to sleep. With this cushion, you do not have to worry about this matter because it features a built-in auto shut-off technology that shuts the cushion off after 15 minutes. However, you can choose it to be off after 30 minutes as it is a simple method, but a really beneficial mechanism.

Some Additional Features:

It comes with an overheat protection device that shuts it off whenever the temperature reaches the maximum of 20 minutes. You can switch it on again after the brief period of cool-down. A UL approved power adapter is also featured in the cushion that works great with the electric outlet of 110-120V & 220-240V. Moreover, it is covered with leatherette, which makes it easy to clean and relaxing to touch. It is a full-body cushion, meaning that it has the tendency to massage your whole body at once. It doesn’t weigh much, so is easily transportable and makes an excellent back pillow.


In comparison with any other Shiatsu massage cushions, this one is definitely a better option in both versatility and functionality. It comes with numerous abilities that work together to relive a wide range of soreness and bodily discomfort. This is an effective and affordable option for a person looking for mid-grade full body massage product.

8. Infinity IT-8500X3-EB 3D Massage Chair, Chocolate Brown

This is the last pick from our list of massage chair reviews and one of the most advanced products in the market. It is the ultimate Infinity technology offer that already makes it a standard for excellent and functionality. The company claims that this chair improves your overall well-being, from head to toe. It includes multiple different features that aren’t provided in any other of the massage chairs in our list, which makes this product both unique and versatile.

Here are some of the most beneficial features of this massage chair for sale.

Zero Gravity:

The company has upgraded its zero gravity experience so to increase your health benefits. This position reclines the body for your legs to be elevated above your heart. This is the best massage position and encourages the blood flow all while decreasing the heart rate and releasing the tension from the spine.

3D Technology:

The 3D technology is optimized for the system in multiple systems. There are five 3D intensity levels that begin from practically nothing to intense deep tissue massage. This system also includes a sensor that is capable of detect the neck of the user. This auto-extent neck feature is included for the strong neck massage. Moreover, there are new auto programs that are 3D compatible and provide the pulsating release of tension. They include Deep Shiatsu program, Massage Extend and Health Breath program.

Lumbar Heat:

This is a powerful heating function that provides the right amount of heat for preparing your muscles for the massage. When the heating modules are up, they start working on reducing the tightness of the muscles along with restoring the rigidity of your muscles.

Foot Massages:

In each foot unit, this massage chair for sale includes 8 airbags and 6 rolling sole massagers to provide a huge amount of relaxation from tension and fatigue. These airbags are specifically designed for the squeezing, kneading, rolling and swinging of the ankle, heel, arch and sole.

Spinal Alignment:

When the spine is not aligned, the compression on nerves is caused that can result in the extreme pain. This chair offers zero gravity positioning and other features to reconcile and realign the spine by reducing your discomfort and pain. Moreover, it also allows a firm shoulder retraction with the lower extremity grip. This spinal correction can be carried out by the advanced multi-functional system.

Massage Roller:

The unique technology of this massage chair allows you to adjust the depth of the roller while making it suitable for all forms of people. It is a 3D massage roller.

New Programs:

There are 5 levels of intensity adjustment along with latest programs that mainly focus on the therapeutic relief. These massage experiences are customizable and provide you with your desired functions.

Bluetooth Compatibility:

It also includes the Bluetooth connectivity, thus allowing your phone to be in sync with the massage chair and play the music system. You can always enjoy the massage with your favorite beats after activating the synchronic massage mode.

Remote Control:

This features a large pedestal remote control with an LCD screen to get better control and use of the chair. Additionally, the menu structure is also easy to use and the tool has a simple interface.

Airbag Compression Massage:

The high-quality airbags are provided in the chair to promote the muscle-tension relaxation and the blood circulation. You get to have a complete and thorough full-body massage experience.

Body Scan Tech:

After starting the massage program, the rollers become active and glide up to your back in order to generate an optimized map for your body. This map is then used by this massage chair on sale to provide the customized relaxation.

Inversion Therapy:

Your body is placed in line with the gravitational downward force of gravity. This chair uses your own body weight as the natural form of traction and thus elongates the spine to put less pressure on the back pain.

Waist Twist:

This is a specific motion that helps in relieving pain even if it is quite acute. This motion has 3 levels of speed for the fulfillment of your requirements as you can independently turn it on and add it to your massage cycle.

Spot Massage:

You can enter the zone mode and then choose a specific point on the remote as it will set a roller in the specified area of your work. This system is going to be beneficial whenever you need extra time in the certain spots.


This is a branded chair and so is not suitable for a person on a budget, but if you are willing to invest some good amount of money then this is the best option for you.

Bottom Line on Massage Chair Reviews

So this is it. These are the massage chair reviews of the best products in the market, read about them carefully and decide the most suitable one for you.