Kahuna Lm6800 Mаѕѕаgе Chair Reviews 2018 – Buyer Guide

After a gruesome day at work, there is no better resolve then to treat your mind and your body with a pleasure some massage. Now, you can’t visit a masseuse every day. So what do you do? Well, there is always a solution. The all new Kahuna massage chair is all set to repose you into comfort and nurture. Let’s have a look at some of its scholastic features.

  1. The built

The Kahuna Massage Chair is a zero gravity L shaped full body recliner that comforts every part of your body. The built in rollers and air cell massages your body from top to toe, covering your shoulders, arms, waists and hips. The synthetic cloth and cushion body also gives a very warm and relinquished feeling. You can adjust the reclier according to your preferred position. Laying down or being seated the chair reaches your pressure points in every position. I personally like to stretch it all out and lie down on it for a full body massage. Over all the built quality, the shape and comfortable positioning system makes it excellent for your body.

  1. L shaped and Rollers

Well, there is no comparison of this chair with a normal four legged piece of wood. When you stretch the recliner to its maximum, it forms an L shape that rests your spine and your neck quite appropriately and gives your back the perfect support. The custom designed rollers, in total 4 from top to the bottom, takes all the lode from your back and reaches every spine bone. The rollers vibrate and moves swiftly making sure there is no pain, only pleasure penetrates your body. The rollers also work when in the seated position. These functionalities adds on to the overall effect of the massage.

  1. Body scan technology

A unique feature not so very common in other massage chairs is the body scan technology. The chair will scan your body and adjust itself according to your body size, composition, making it more compact and custom fit for your body type. For instance, I have broad shoulders and sometimes with other chairs I have tried they fail to reach out to my broad end of the shoulders. However, it’s not the case with this chair, I can comfortablely adjust into it and my shoulders fit perfectly. Hence, making it available for men, women and even kids.

  1. Zero Gravity and heating

The chair leaves no stones unturned. When you get inside one of these, it packs you and muffs you into its body. Leaving no empty space forming what they call it “Zero gravity”. There are heating system at two separate points, the back and the calves. As we all know some of the maximum used muscles in your body are your back and calves. Hence, a dynamic 360 console for these parts are key to a healthy body. And these heating system just does that.

Kahuna Lm6800 Mаѕѕаgе Chair Reviews 2018

Kahuna Massage Chair Customer Review

Kahuna Massage Chair Review ​has been compelling. Users of the product are nothing but happy. Obviously there are complains of the product being a little pricey. However, with such great features there is a certain cost one has to incur. Some users who have been using this product for longer than a year haven’t found any noticeable damages or mechanical issues. In one of the ​Kahuna LM6800 Review​ the customer who had a history of back pain found the product relieving and found a decent in his overall pain.



The overall built of the chair is commendable. With four pressure points heating system and more than 5 different techniques of massage including shiatus, kneading, rolling, tapping and tapping kneading it is really value for money. The L shape really makes your body dig into the chair and forget all your days pain. The extra paddings for the legs and your neck comes in very handy for people who love long massages also, to the ones with eternal back and neck pains.  It is recommended by many chiropractors and is certified as a medical device which gives you a more compelling reason to buy. A one time investment that can be used by all your family members.


Where there is good, there is bad. Same is the case with Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair. It is not every day that you need a massage. Even if you buy the chair you are not going to use it every day. A good soothing massage once in a week is enough for your body. The chair comes with a heavy price tag, which if you are not a sporadic massage enthusiast might not be very cost effective. Moreover, it’s a technologically driven device that always have a issue of stopping anytime or giving problems after a long run. Maintaining the device is also not easy. The maintenance cost has to be incurred. If any of the parts are damaged there is a repair cost also attached. Overall, there is an expense attached to the product that one has to incur throughout its life cycle.


Yes, the product comes with a fine price tag. However, the benefits explains the price. It is important to understand that product like these have to be maintained and used carefully.

Constant maintenance checks from the service providers and easy handling promises long life. Simply, if you love massages, the chair is for you.

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