Osaki OS 4000 Best Massage Chair Reviewed by Experts

There is nothing better than a warm, soothing massage that relieves your body from all the stress and your brain from the trauma it goes through every day. The city life can be very exhausting, there are very few nuances that comfort your body plus we can not afford to spend hours at a massage parlour, At Least I can’t. What’s the answer you ask? Well, Osaki massage chair it is. A “chair”, but a lot more than a “chair”, the Osaki massage chair occupier a little more space and provides a lot more features than a usual chair. Let’s deal upon some of its features.

Osaki OS 4000 Features

  1. True Ergonomic S- Track

The Osaki massage chair comes with an S- Track that perfectly adjusts to every type of spine. The spine is our bodies’ support system it goes through a lot of stress. Hence, the Osaki massage chair is specifically designed to reach every part of your spine and deliver maximum pleasure. It is also a plus for individuals who have had prolonged back pains. The signature “S” track covers your spine from the neck bone to way down to the last hip bone.

  1. Body Scan Technology

Worried your gigantic large or minutely small body would fit in the chair? Or even if it does, would it give you the maximum comfort you demand? Well, yes. The body scan technology on the Osaki massage chair is a modern day miracle. You lay down on it and leave the rest to the chair. Its sensors will scan your body and tweak itself according to your body type. Plus, ​Osakios 4000 zero gravity massage chair​ not just comes with one but dual stages of zero gravity. So a large hip or broad shoulders are no more a problem with Osaki massage chair. From men, women to even kids can enjoy the pleasures of this chair.

  1. Wireless and Remote Controlled

With a lot of other massage chairs having physical buttons on the device itself can make us feel a little uneasy sometimes. For instance, if you are in a perfect position and wanting to change modes on your chair, you might just have to move in order to reach the buttons and change it. The same is not with Osaki massage chair. It uses all that technology can offer. Wireless remote helps you slide through the features of the chair without the need to reach out to on chair buttons. Especially when it comes in handy when you have stretched the recliner.

Customer Reviews:

Well, if you can’t believe me. Ask other customers. The ​Osakios-4000 review ​has been nothing but great. It’s compact design and overall features have made it a fan favorite. For users who have been using it for a long time, they haven’t found any significant problem with the device. Many love the fact that it serves the entire family. From kids to grandfathers the chair is everyone’s cup of tea. Customers from the corporate area have found it relaxing and comfortable, saying; the chair really helps with a good night sleep.

​Osaki​ os-4000 Pros and Cons


  • The chair is designed to give maximum console, and it does.
  • The overall build is cosy. Occupying limited space, it can be adjusted into any of your rooms easily.
  • The chair soothes you with more than 6 types of massages including- rolling, kneading, clapping, shiatsu, Swedish and combo.
  • There are options to control the speed and intensity of the massage, thus comfortable for individuals of all ages.
  • There is a heating system for the lower back providing maximum relief to the most used areas of your body.
  • The chair provides seated as well as laid down message.
  • You can set time, change modes and do a lot more with the chair in just a click. Rather, a wireless click, the chair comes with a wireless remote control,  unlike numerous other massage chairs.
  • Also gives air pressure massage to your hips, calves and shoulders. Overall, it is bang for bucks.


So, is the chair really worth it? ​osaki os-4000 problems​ are limited but worth nothing.

It is too expensive. Not every Tom, Dick and Harry can afford a luxury like this. Hence, a small market it has. For the ones who can afford it, after a period of time the machine is something that will not be used every day. I mean, until you are a massage freak or running a business out of it,  you are not going to use it on a daily basis. So why investing in a product like this when for a much cheaper rate you can get hand massages from a masseuse?

Coming to maintenance, once you have bought the device your work does not end there. With equipment such as this, it requires maintenance. There is monthly or yearly cost you need to incur. These are additional costs that will increase with time. Finally, the product is motorized. Hence, it is not guaranteed they will work at their maximum potential all year round. Overuse of the motors can cause damages to the device.

Final Words

The chair is a luxury, not a necessity. Don’t let the cons control your decision of buying the device if you already have set your mind to it. If maintained properly, the device can be of a lot of use. If you want to go for a massage chair, the Osaki massage chair is the one for you.

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